Every Boffi collection hides an idea. An idea that will strike an emotion and seize the senses. A strong idea that infects the mind through a transverse suggestion that revisits the individual character of each domestic space with style. Domestic spaces lived by real people and to each their own according to the needs and tastes of their inhabitants enacted, through the years, by world known designers. Boffi has asked these designers to turn ideas into reality following the guidelines of taste, experimentation and flexibility. Boffi projects start as open systems that can grow and adapt anywhere, in any kind of space. The absolute care in design, the versatility of configuration, the articulate catalogue of materials and colors, can together generate the ideal solution for the concept of home.

MODULNOVA S.r.l, a furnishing firm, was set up in 1988, under the guidance of the Presotto family, who had started making design kitchens and furniture in 1949. Modulnova’s corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative kitchens both materials-wise and as far as productive systems are concerned, and to bring about a creative type of design, featuring essential lines. Modulnova’s Modern kitchens are carefully devised by intensely focusing on details, finishes, design, accessories and assembly. Sophistication, style and elegance distinguish our trademarks.

Home Cucine produces classic, modern, wooden and lacquered kitchens. Home Cucine is certified with ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 which evoke a strong commitment to safety, quality and attention to the environment.
The kitchen has a key role to play: innovation and latest trends are our guidelines to offer extremely advanced products and services to keep pace with a rapidly changing market. The kitchens are made to measure to provide space for sartorial taste, which becomes the creative interpreter of a new way of experiencing the kitchen.

Barazza is not only a brand of Household appliances; foremost, it is the name of a family of entrepreneurs who have created appliances which, within this sector, are now synonymous with high performance and advanced design. Barazza meets the expectations of demanding customers and takes care to changing trends, designing and producing exclusive products where styling innovation goes hand in hand with the ability to provide advanced technological solutions to everyday needs.

All Fhiaba products encompass a set of  values and know-how. Our models stand out due to their sophisticated design, stainless-steel finishes, the broad range and countless possibilities for customization. We utilize select materials and the best technologies to respond to the most demanding requirements of the preservation of food and wine. Fhiaba stands out as a luxury brand in the REFRIGERATION SECTOR.

Oikos designs and manufactures tailor-made safety doors with high performance and a refined design. Oikos safety doors are the result of over twenty years experience, innate craft skills, continuous technological research, a careful design and the ability to select the countless materials that, once assembled, bring to light an Italian front door that is durable, safe and reliable over time. The hallmark of Oikos is the extreme customization of its safety doors. Innovation has marked its history. With annual regularity, it brings to market new solutions and proposals in the field of safety doors, which is the expression of the continuous innovation that is inherent in its DNA.

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work. This aspect together with tradition and quality has always been evident in the product, with the result that the company has gradually acquired international dimensions and recognition. Results have been achieved through continual research aimed at interpreting market demands, while setting up precise marketing policies and strategies.
Fabbian manufactures all the components inside its own business units, gives her distinctive touch to new modern design trends through a wealth of styles, using advanced production technologies, interpreting the new concept ideas from a pool of international architects and designers. A team of qualified experts using computerized processes and control systems carries out research and Design. The construction, assembly and wiring are carried carefully out, checked at each stage of the production cycle in order to obtain a product that complies with envisaged safety regulations.

BeN was born in 1976 from the idea and the plan to produce and sell artwork frames. 
It became clear from the very start that at the root of everything, and above all, there was a strong will to add to the project the most important of all raw materials: passion. 
And while passion was driving and guiding BeN along its exciting path, a great number of trade secrets were gathered, collected, stored and passed on, from the dynamics of the market, to the peculiarities of the product, and to the sector itself. So, along the way, BeN continued to supplement, develop and enrich another of its great values: tradition.
It was desired that both this passion and tradition should always have new outlets of expression via a continual search for and via highly valuing a final fundamental element: innovation. The union of these three elements is today represented in the interweaving of the three lines that BeN has adopted as one of its distinctive marks. Symbols, then, that go beyond the purely aesthetical aspects and are designed to recount a story and a philosophy.

MIDJ manufactures chairs, stools, armchairs, and tables. Their production’s DNA also lies in the confidence of the future. They design for people who want to live, who want to build real spaces, bright and full of joy. MIDJ’s soft design accommodates with flowing lines, rounded corners and soft furnishing conceived for moments of happiness and comfort.
In their collections, they constantly search for versatility and the chance to find a complete solution both for public and private spaces. They look for all possible solutions to solve your furniture project. Each MIDJ’s collection is shaped with brand new materials and colors that are always tested.