Feedback From Our Clients

From my experiment with Asalah kitchens they are amazing in all sides start from the dealing, prices, and date of installation.
I advise everyone to try them.
Best wishes for them from success to success inshallah.
I had two experiences with Asalah where I ordered a kitchen and a leather corner for my new apartment. I was very impressed with the staff’s deep knowledge of the products and their attention to details especially in ordering the kitchen. The kitchen arrived just in time and was exactly what I had in mind. It was installed very professionally in my apartment.
Ayman Hijazi
الى شركة اصالة المحترمين …
السلام عليكم ..
لقد كان لي الشرف خوض تجربة شراء المطابخ من شركتكم الموقرة ف كنتم خير شركة من حيث :
١- جودة المطابخ
٢- تعدد الموديلات و الالوان و الاشكال
٣- سعر تنافسي مقارنة مع الشركات الاخرى
٤- الالتزام بوقت التسليم
٥- التركيب في يوم واحد فقط
٦- خدمة ما بعد البيع و الصيانة الممتازة
٧- حسن الاستقبال و التعامل
من حسن حظي انه اتخذت قرار باختيار مطابخي من شركتكم ، املين ان يستمر التعاون معكم في المستقبل .
انصح الجميع بان لا يترددوا باختيار مطابخهم من شركة اصالة ف كلي ثقة انهم شركة المطابخ الاولى في الاردن .
Sinan Al-Shakarchi
My experience with Asalah has been more than satisfactory. I have always dreamed of a contemporary designed house, and Asalah has made it come true by providing us with a modern, high-end quality kitchen. I must admit the kitchen has become my favorite part of the house, and I would proudly recommend Asalah to anyone who seeks the ultimate perfectly suited kitchen with the best quality and design.
Haneen Tantash
Dear Asalah Kitchens team,

A few months ago I started the idea of designing my dream home showing my own prints all around.
Since I am known to be a picky architect, I did my homework exploring kitchens retailers in the market. Asalah kitchens was one of the choices to approach and try my luck with their designs and products.

Well; to make the story short Asalah kitchens products are now already fitted in my dream home.

They were really passionate about there work in a very professional way. Starting the design ideas together, the friendly brainstorming session really made it easy and fun to translate my needs.
Until the fitting stage and the follow up which was more than perfect.

Thank you All Asalah Kitchens team for helping me make my dream home come true.

And from the first meeting, I approached you as a client but I instantly felt I am already at home.


Amany Khatib